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Regardless Of Who We Vote For, Health Insurers Will Win

As we get close to the election, it’s clear that something should be done, at the federal or state level or both, to address the shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act.
The news that premiums on the so-called Obamacare benchmark health plans will be 25 percent higher on average next year came on the heels of earlier reports that people in most states will have considerably fewer health plans to choose from.
The health care consulting firm Avalere, which tracks insurer participation in the Obamacare exchanges,...

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Girls after school in Kajo Keji

project001-kabang-015-wm Photo taken by 100cameras student, Kabang, in South Sudan. 100cameras empowers kids to be change makers. Through teaching kids how to share their perspectives through photography, we turn their stories into sellable products that directly fund tangible change in their communities. Learn how you can help make empowerment possible at // @100cameras  | #my100cameras

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