Candidates Without a Clue

GOP contenders hate Obamacare but don’t have an alternative and know nothing about health insurance.

If folks who watched Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate were expecting the candidates to tell us what they’d do to replace Obamacare if they could get rid of it, those folks would have been disappointed.

In fact, the 10 candidates who are currently leading the polls said so little about health care during their two hours on stage that one has to wonder if they’ve

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Thank You, Justice Roberts, For Saving Our Butts

If House Speaker John Boehner decided to express his gratitude for the King v. Burwell ruling – and he should – it might sound like this.

In the Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts provided a truthful assessment of what would happen to the health insurance marketplace if the requirement to purchase insurance and the federal subsidies to help people afford coverage were declared unlawful in all but a few states. It would collapse.

Because of the hyper

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Insurers’ Arguments Key to Supreme Court Decision

Upholding Obamacare only way to avoid ‘death spiral.

It is clear from both the first paragraph and closing comments in the Supreme Court’s decision upholding Obamacare subsidies that the justices listened more closely to the insurance industry than perhaps any other party.

In an amicus brief it filed with the court in King v. Burwell, America’s Health Insurance Plans, the industry’s main trade group, painted a dire picture of what would happen to the private health insurance market—and to

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If Obamacare Critics Win high court case, Effects Will Be Wildly Disparate

Kentucky residents would be unaffected, Tennesseans devastated.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell, nowhere will the effect be more  stark than along the 400-mile border between two states my family has called home, Tennessee and Kentucky.

In the state where I grew up, Tennessee, thousands of people would in all likelihood be forced back into the ranks of the uninsured. That’s because the cost of coverage would quickly skyrocket for the

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Millions of Middle Class Americans Will Remain Uninsured Despite Obamacare

No-man’s land captures those too rich for subsidies but too poor for sanctions.

The good news from last week’s Congressional Budget Office report was that Obamacare will cost 20 percent less through 2019 than originally expected. That’s in  part because medical inflation has slowed more than the CBO anticipated back in 2010 when the law went into effect.

But the report had bad news too.  Fewer people are signing up for coverage than the government had hoped. In fact, the

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Court Case Pushed By Think Tank Could Leave Uninsured Out In The Cold

Supremes to decide challenge to Obamacare based on a single sentence.

At least four million Americans will rejoin the ranks of the uninsured—and consequently lose access to affordable health care—if the Supreme Court sides with opponents of Obamacare in a case that hinges on the interpretation of a single sentence in the law. But if that’s the price that has to be paid to impose an ideology that worships the so-called free market no matter what the cost, so be

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The Health Care Industry’s Campaign of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Commentary: insurers use front groups and spin doctors to sow concerns about Obamacare.

Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of Obamacare, but it marked the seventh anniversary of opposition to the concept underlying health care reform.

At least two years before the first words of legislation were written, and three years before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, the entrenched health care interests were hard at work creating their strategies to ensure as much as possible that whatever passed

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Missouri Lawmakers Renew Cynical Efforts to Derail Obamacare Navigators

Stymied by a federal court, legislators are doing insurance agents’ bidding again.

To discourage folks from signing up for coverage on the Obamacare exchanges, Republican lawmakers in several states have pushed through bills making it difficult for people to get free help from specially trained “navigators” authorized by the Affordable Care Act.

At the top of the list of special interest groups supporting such legislation: groups  representing insurance agents and brokers, who, of course, charge for their services. They view

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‘Bailout?’ ‘Unprecedented?’ Honestly?

ACA provisions assailed by critics ensure market stability; $25 billion? Pocket change compared to billions poured into Medicare Advantage. 

In the past, whenever anyone talked about the “three Rs,” they most likely were referring to things we were supposed to be learning in school: “readin’, ritin’, and ‘rithmatic.”

But in Washington and health insurance circles these days, when you hear talk about the “three Rs,” chances are it has nothing to do education. In 2014, the year when important parts …

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