Obama’s Patients’ Bill of Rights: One Important Right is Missing, Thanks to Corporate Spin and Fear-Mongering

President Obama is calling a big part of the health care reform bill he signed into law last March a Patients’ Bill of Rights, suggesting that many of the consumer protections contained in the new law were the same ones the health insurance industry succeeded in killing time and again over many years through a fear-mongering campaign it secretly financed.

Obama is right — but only to a point. An important right was missing from his list of consumer protections–an …

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State Insurance Commissioners Take Baton from Congress

Now that Congress has taken final action on its health care reform legislation, the reform debate has now shifted to, of all places, Denver.

The legislation that is now the law of the land was just the first step. Despite its size — more than 2,000 pages — the bill in many cases only lays out Congressional intent. In that sense, it is a framework for reform. The law requires that numerous new regulations be written to govern the way …

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Congress: Investigate Insurers’ Deception and Lies Before Forcing Us to Buy Health Insurance From Them

An investigative story in the National Journal proves what I have been talking about since I switched from being a spokesman for the health insurance industry to being a vocal critic of it: The industry is laundering millions of dollars through third parties to influence the health care reform legislation and kill provisions that might hinder insurers’ profits. The revelations are so significant that Congress should launch an immediate investigation and hold public hearings before the House and Senate schedule …

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Why I’m Not Joining the Call to “Kill the Bill”

Like many people who hoped the stars had finally aligned for a fundamental overhaul of our health care system, I have been going through all of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief and loss — denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance — as I’ve watched what has been happening in the Senate. I moved toward acceptance this morning as I watched the Senate pass its bill, but — being an incurable optimist — I’m still hopeful that the legislation can be …

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The Insurance Industry’s Lethal Bottom Line — and a Solution From Sens. Franken and Rockefeller

There was a time, in the early 1990s, when health insurance companies devoted more than 95
cents out of every premium dollar to paying doctors and hospitals for taking care of their members. No more. Since President Bill Clinton’s health reform plan died 15 years ago, the health insurance industry has come to be dominated by a handful of insurance companies that answer to Wall Street investors, and they have changed that basic math. Today, insurers only pay about 81 …

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Wendell Potter’s CNN Editorial: How Insurance Firms Drive the Debate

NOTE: Wendell Potter, the former health insurance PR executive who is now Senior Fellow on Health Care with the Center for Media and Democracy, provided CNN with the follow editorial posted on their website.

(CNN) — Having grown up in one of the most conservative and Republican places in the country — East Tennessee — I understand why many of the people who are showing up at town hall meetings this month are reacting, sometimes violently, when members of Congress …

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