Next On GOP Agenda: ‘Curing’ Medicare — With Help From Corporate Flacks And Lobbyists

Now that Congress has passed the GOP’s $1.5 trillion tax bill, the Senate will soon vote on President Trump’s nomination of former drug company CEO Alex Azar to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. Republicans will be eager to get him confirmed and on the job. Considering Azar’s background, they have good reason to believe he’ll be a reliable ally when they get to work on their next big goal: slashing spending on health care programs, Medicare in particular.

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Medicare And Drug Coverage: Some Good News, Some Bad

One of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act to Medicare beneficiaries has been the gradual closing of a big and costly gap called the “doughnut hole” in the prescription drug (Medicare Part D) program. By the end of 2020 — if the ACA is not repealed or altered substantially by Congress — the doughnut hole will be completely closed.

In 2010, people hit the doughnut hole coverage gap when the total amount they and their plan had paid for …

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Unlike Some Politicians, I Don’t Want You Going Naked Come January

People, I’m begging you: If you’re uninsured and don’t have the option of getting health insurance through your employer, please go to right now to enroll in a health plan. You have until Dec. 15 to enroll—or pick another plan if you’re already enrolled—but getting it done and over with is better than waiting until the last minute. Or just forgetting.

You do not want to forget because you do not want to gamble, with your life and your …

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Why Donald Trump Hates Michael Moore — And Why I Used To Hate Him, Too

A week after Michael Moore’s one-man Broadway show closed — as scheduled — President Trump took to Twitter over the weekend to do what so many men in high places have done for years: malign Moore in an effort to make people believe that Moore hates America and its business and political leaders most of all.

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Why We Need ‘Pull-No-Punches Reporting’ That Holds Big Corporations And Moneyed Interests Accountable

Nataline Sarkisyan might be alive today had I not been such a team player when she was so sick.

Had I not been so focused on helping my company “win in the marketplace” and “enhance shareholder value,” had health insurance companies been held more accountable by lawmakers, the media and the public, Nataline, who died at the age of 17 nine years and 310 days ago, might have received the liver transplant she needed.

I know about Nataline because of

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Study Refutes a Big Health Care Special Interest’s Talking Points

One of the most prevalent talking points used by an entrenched special interest to keep a new clinical profession from flourishing in the United States has been shown to be unfounded: The use of mid-level providers in dentistry can make a big difference in the oral health of people who live in communities where dentists are few and far between.

A recently completed study by researchers at the University of Washington shows that children and adults in Alaska Native communities

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Desperate for Dental Care in America’s Heartland

Imagine going online to make an appointment with your dentist and finding this message, in bold letters, at the top of the website:

– The patient parking lot will open no later than midnight.
– Numbered patient admission tickets will be given out beginning at 3 AM, one ticket per patient.
– Clinic doors will open at 6 AM. Patients will be admitted in numerical order by ticket # and a ticket is required for admission.
– Services are provided

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Conservatives and Liberals Agree on at Least One Health Care Fix

If you’re following the heated debate over whether the Affordable Care Act should be repealed and replaced, you might conclude that expanding access to health care is a goal that’s inconsistent with controlling government spending. You might also conclude that finding common ground is impossible because, it seems, right-leaning organizations want to talk only about cutting taxes while left-leaning organizations want to talk only about reducing the number of people without health care benefits.

That’s the conventional wisdom in DC,

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Bully Back: Chapters 70 – Finish

You can purchase Adam Bruckner’s Bully Back here. 100% of proceeds go to the youth program at the Helping Hand Rescue Mission in Philadelphia. A place of hope, faith, action, and change.

Be sure to check out Bully Back’s website, and purchase the 2015 prequel, Better Bullying here.

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Regardless Of Who We Vote For, Health Insurers Will Win

As we get close to the election, it’s clear that something should be done, at the federal or state level or both, to address the shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act.

The news that premiums on the so-called Obamacare benchmark health plans will be 25 percent higher on average next year came on the heels of earlier reports that people in most states will have considerably fewer health plans to choose from.

The health care consulting firm Avalere, which tracks

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