How to Reduce the Absurd Amount of Money Americans Spend on Health Care? One Community at a Time

Thinking big with Esther Dyson.

If you’d like to meet someone who is truly “part of the solution,” someone who understands the problems of American health care in a way that few politicians do—and someone who is putting her money where her mouth is to get us healthier—meet Esther Dyson.

Dyson is a former journalist and angel investor whom Forbes magazine named one of the most powerful women in American business. Thirty-five years ago, Dyson founded EDventure Holdings, a pioneering …

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The ‘Casino Effect’ on Your Health Insurance Rates

If you’re being hit with a huge rate hike on your individual health plan next year, your insurance carrier likely ‘placed bad bets’ last year.

Minnesotans who get health insurance through the individual market last week became the latest in the country to get unwelcome news: the cost of their coverage will likely go up significantly next year. According to the state’s Commerce Department, which regulates insurance in the North Star state, some customers of Blue Cross and Blue Shield

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WalkerCare Gives Women Reasons to Worry Again

Walker plan envisions a return to an ‘open market’ that rolls back ACA’s consumer protections and ratchets up premiums for women.

If women are beginning to get a tad concerned about what their world might be like if the next occupant of the White House is a Republican, they have more reason to worry now that some of the GOP candidates for president are cluing us in about their Obamacare replacement plans.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday issued a

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Why Pre-Existing Conditions Mattered … to Millions

Before Obamacare became law, Americans faced rejection of individual health coverage for any one of 400 medical conditions.

The Republican candidates for president who say they’ll lead the charge to repeal Obamacare if they’re elected (that would be all 17 of them) might want to take note of the most recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll: more Americans are now for the law than against it. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this.

Granted, it’s not by

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Free Market Ideology Doesn’t Work for Health Care

Costs imposed by ‘medical industrial complex’ defy reason.

In my column last week I suggested that one of the reasons Americans tolerate paying so much more for health care than citizens of any other country — and getting less to show for it — is our gullibility. We’ve been far too willing to believe the self-serving propaganda we’ve been fed for decades by health insurers and pharmaceutical companies and every other part of the medical-industrial complex, a term New England

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Obamacare Exchanges Help, But Confused Consumers Are Still Spending Too Much

Folks are happy with health coverage, but still confused by choices.

Here’s the good news: 74 percent of people nationwide who enrolled in health insurance plans through the Obamacare exchanges rate their coverage as excellent or good.  That’s according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released last Thursday.

Here’s the not so good news: There’s a better than even chance that many of those folks did not pick the plan that is best suited to their needs. As a consequence,

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Insurers’ High-Deductible Plans Leave Many Without Needed Care

Study shows more Americans entering ranks of the underinsured.

A dozen or so years ago, a small group of wealthy corporate insurance executives decided their customers were not paying nearly enough for the medical care they received. How else to explain the fact that managed care — which they had touted as a silver bullet just a decade earlier — had failed miserably at controlling health care costs.

Those executives came to embrace as the newest silver bullet a strategy …

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Court Case Shows How Health Insurers Rip Off You And Your Employer

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan added hidden fees to hospital claims.

If you think you’re paying too much for employer-sponsored health coverage, you might want to forward this to the HR department. It’s possible, maybe even likely, that your health insurer has been ripping off both you and your employer—to the tune of several million dollars every year—for decades.

Many Americans, according to various polls, blame Obamacare for every hike in premiums despite the fact that the rate of

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Alabama OB-GYN Whose Patient Died, Pushed For ‘Drive-Through Deliveries’

Sen. Larry Stutts fought law enacted to require longer hospital stays.

During his campaign for the Alabama Legislature last year, now-state Sen. Larry Stutts, a Sheffield Republican and OB-GYN, vowed to get the government out of the middle of the patient-physician relationship. He made no mention of the fact that what he really had in mind was putting insurance companies back in the middle of that relationship.

Stutts, who until a few days ago was considered a rising-star in the

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Why Growing Numbers of Americans Are Embarrassed to Smile

Fifteen years ago this spring, Surgeon General David Satcher issued a call to action to address what he called America’s “silent epidemic”–the growing incidence of dental disease in this country.

Unfortunately, we as a nation have not made much progress over the last decade and a half. Just last weekend, thousands of people lined up to get charity dental care at the California state fairgrounds in Sacramento. Some had spent the night waiting in line.

Similar events will be held …

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