The Dental Crisis That’s Driving Patients Away

Frustrated by rising dental costs and skimpy coverage, millions are desperate to find cheaper services – even if it means leaving the U.S.

When increasing numbers of Americans cross the Mexican border to see a dentist – traveling from as far away as Chicago and even Alaska – you know we’ve got a growing health care crisis on our hands, and one that the Affordable Care Act barely touches.

For every adult without health insurance, an estimated three lack …

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Small-Screen Coverage Misses Big Picture

NBC News segment blames ACA for small-biz ‘sticker shock’ but the 3-minute report doesn’t have time for critical facts; misses major trend.

For months, critics of the Affordable Care Act have been flooding the media with stories about how the health reform law intrudes on the lives of Americans. Some media reports have described how the cancellations of policies that don’t meet the minimum standards set by the ACA have been “stealing” coverage that policyholders believe to be adequate and …

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New Fed Study Says Health Reform Can Reduce Financial Stress

Study of Massachusetts health law cited personal bankruptcy reduction, fewer delinquencies, improved credit scores.

One of the great hopes of health care reform is that it will reduce the number of Americans who file for bankruptcy because of medical debt. A new study in Massachusetts is providing evidence that the reform law passed in that state in 2006, and which served as the model for the Affordable Care Act, is indeed making a significant dent in bankruptcy filings.

The study,

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Massachusetts Tackles Next Phase of Health Care Reform: Controlling Costs

State where sweeping changes began hopes new commission can squeeze wasteful spending.

While lawmakers in Washington and state capitals continue to obsess about Obamacare — either how to make sure it is being implemented as Congress intended, or how to make sure it isn’t — Massachusetts legislators have focused their attention on the next phase of reform: health care costs.

Massachusetts is where the nation’s most sweeping reform bill was enacted in 2006 — when Mitt Romney was governor. But

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America’s Hidden Epidemic That Obamacare Barely Touches

I’ve spoken many times about the life-changing experience of seeing thousands of people standing in the rain for hours at a county fairground near where I grew up to get medical care in barns and animal stalls.

What may come as a surprise to many is the fact that most of those people were there to see a dentist, not a doctor. Yes, most also needed medical care, but their first priority was to get relief from toothaches that in …

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Unions Chafing at Obamacare Provisions

Labor leaders say deals were cut with insurance, drug industries while they were frozen out.

President Obama’s meeting Friday with labor leaders likely wasn’t a get-together he wanted. And it wouldn’t have been necessary if his administration and Congressional Democrats had given unionized workers the same consideration they gave business leaders and insurance company executives when the Affordable Care Act was being drafted.

As full implementation of the law draws closer, it is becoming clear that Democrats spent more time …

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Obamacare’s Help for Small Business

Tax credits will allow more modest employers to provide coverage.

With April 15 approaching, some small business owners who provide health coverage to their workers are not going to be as indebted to Uncle Sam as they have in years past, thanks to Obamacare. That’s right, thanks to Obamacare.

Mike Roach, owner of Paloma Clothing, a women’s clothing store in Portland, Oregon, is among them. He is one of several hundred thousand small employers who have taken advantage of a

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Don’t Raise the Medicare Eligibility Age

Change sounds good, but the unforeseen consequences are many.

Over the past couple of years I’ve met many people who, as my mother would suggest, were wishing their life away. But I quickly understood why.

These were folks in their early 60s—and even some in their 50s—who couldn’t wait until they turned 65. They were literally counting the days until they could enroll in Medicare.

Many of these folks had been uninsured for years because of pre-existing conditions.  They’d been

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The Illusory Promise of Free-Market Health Care Miracles

Republican rhetoric aside, the answers lie elsewhere.

While listening to the promises to repeal ObamaCare during the Republican National Convention, I was reminded of what those of us in the health insurance industry said when our friends in Congress were able to block passage of President Clinton’s health care reform legislation 18 years ago.

Like the politicians in Tampa, we insisted then that a big government program not only wasn’t needed, but would be harmful — that what the government

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The End of Health Insurance as We know It?

Speech by Aetna CEO signals a sea change in how Americans obtain coverage.

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini caused quite a stir when he said at a Las Vegas conference a few days ago that the insurance industry as we know it is, for all practical purposes, a dinosaur on the verge of extinction.

Time to sing, “Ding dong the witch is dead”? Not quite, but the day when most Americans get their coverage from what we think of as an

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