Selling Out

Deadly SpinNo, not that kind of selling out.

Demand for Deadly Spin has exceeded the publisher’s expectations and, hence, Amazon has sold all the copies they had on hand. It broke the Top 50 earlier this week and remains in the Top 100.

If you’ve been thwarted in your best efforts to get a copy, fear not, more are on the way. We’re pretty certain it’s not an insurance industry conspiracy.

In the meantime, the book is currently in stock online …

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Thank You, to Many

Thank you.

That’s really the only message I want to convey in this post, appropriately on Thanksgiving. I’ll get back to other matters soon enough, but today I just want to express my gratitude for being so richly blessed and for being able to do what at long last I feel is my right livelihood.

Among the people and things I am especially thankful for is Nataline Sarkisyan. I’m grateful for the role she played in changing the course of …

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Why I Will Stay Far Away From Cliffs From Now on

“My name is Wendell Potter, and for twenty years, I worked as a senior executive at health insurance companies, and I saw how they confuse their customers and dump the sick — all so they can satisfy their Wall Street investors.”

That’s how I introduced myself to the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on June 24, 2009, and also how I began the first chapter of my book, Deadly Spin, which is out today.

I set fire to a lot …

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