This is Your Brain on Health Insurance

Wendell appeared at the Salt Lake City Main Library auditorium on Friday, Jan. 21. The King’s English Bookshop hosted the event and published this Q&A with him beforehand.

How is your life these days?
I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I smile more. I have more energy. I feel younger than I felt 20 years ago. I have more friends than I ever imagined I could have. I honestly feel joyous most of the time. I’m very grateful.

What is

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The Health Care Reform Fight Has Only Just Begun

Wendell has been on the road since Deadly Spin launched in early November. But now the new year is upon us and a new Congress is in session. It’s time to step up the fight.

Since you’ve checked out Wendell’s website, there’s a good chance you want to help. Here are a few ways you can:

  1. Encourage people to see Wendell live.
    He’s a powerful speaker. His full event schedule here.
  2. Simply direct folks to this website.
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Christmas Present: The Nation’s Progressive Honor Roll of 2010

The Nation, January 10/17, 2011
January 10/17, 2011

Yesterday, we were alerted to Wendell’s inclusion in The Nation’s “Progressive Honor Roll of 2010.” His response: “What an unexpected honor! What a Christmas present!”

And it is. The Nation is America’s oldest weekly magazine and, at least according to its marketing folks, “the most widely read journal of opinion.” It was founded by antislavery abolitionists in 1865 and 143 years later won the prestigious 2008 National Magazine Award for public interest journalism.

John Nichols, The

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Selling Out

Deadly SpinNo, not that kind of selling out.

Demand for Deadly Spin has exceeded the publisher’s expectations and, hence, Amazon has sold all the copies they had on hand. It broke the Top 50 earlier this week and remains in the Top 100.

If you’ve been thwarted in your best efforts to get a copy, fear not, more are on the way. We’re pretty certain it’s not an insurance industry conspiracy.

In the meantime, the book is currently in stock online …

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