Selling Out

Deadly SpinNo, not that kind of selling out.

Demand for Deadly Spin has exceeded the publisher’s expectations and, hence, Amazon has sold all the copies they had on hand. It broke the Top 50 earlier this week and remains in the Top 100.

If you’ve been thwarted in your best efforts to get a copy, fear not, more are on the way. We’re pretty certain it’s not an insurance industry conspiracy.

In the meantime, the book is currently in stock online at and You can also check IndieBound for an indie bookseller, local and online.

There are also ebook and audio versions available as downloads at Amazon and that will never run out of stock.

Thanks for your patience — and for the incredible outpouring of support. As Wendell says, “Let’s be dangerous together.”

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Author: Scott Tillitt

I'm an antidote. I'm a socially conscious communicator, equal parts publicist, marketer, entrepreneur and writer. And I have an insatiable interest in big ideas and the behaviors that drive people, what resonates with them, and how to communicate with them. I have 15-plus years of experience promoting ideas, products and services in various culture-shaping (and sometimes suffocating) worlds — advertising, media, interactive design, photography, technology, television and fashion. Some years ago, I broke the trance of an increasingly cynical consumer culture and started applying my corporate skills to the public good, promoting progressive social issues. In my new incarnation, I worked with Josh Baran on the media relations for the 2003 New York visit of the Dalai Lama, handling various press events and nearly 500 foreign and domestic journalists from all forms of media (also subsequent visits of His Holiness). I founded Antidote Collective in 2004 and have since worked with a range of groups, people, films and books covering the environment, religion and spirituality, social justice, health care and education — from Phil Donahue to Rainforest Action Network to the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. I've helped clients on both US coasts and places in between, in Europe, and down under in Australia. I'm helping Wendell with general PR counsel and publicity surrounding Deadly Spin. More:

6 thoughts on “Selling Out”

  1. Hi Mr. Potter,
    I bought your book for my e-reader and am enjoying it very much.
    I am a young cancer survivor who can’t get health insurance and am currently just taking my chances and hoping I stay healthy. I don’t earn enough to pay out of pocket and don’t qualify for any state or Fed programs. So I am stuck with nada.
    Please continue fighting for reform! We need Single Payer soon or I might have to move to Canada or the UK.


  2. Thank you Mr. Potter for being brave. I know it’s a huge risk what you’ve done (being vocal against the industry). Thank you for being so courageous. I can’t wait to get your book!

  3. Dear Mr. Potter,

    I bought your book three days ago and I am reading it for the second time!! I was blown away by it! Thank you for what you are doing. I am one of the uninsured. I am 49 , self employed and simply cannot afford health insurance. I appreciate your honesty and I pray that your book becomes a national best seller!!!


    Margie Ohmer

  4. I am on the wait list for the book at Amazon but heard the interview with Amy Goodman on “Democracy Now”. It absolutely blew me away. Being among the uninsurable, it seems that for the most part those employed by corprotocracy get insurance and the self employed/entrapenurs of small/moderate size business are priced out. The plans for the new world order call for us plebes to be working for the multinationals and privately owned business will not be able to survive. Mr Potter has done a very brave thing and I support him in his efforts. He will no doubt get protection due to the success of his book…but there are others out there who have information forced into darkness by the brute size and wealth of these massive corporations. Wouldn’t it be great if some organization would protect these folks so we could know more about how we are being taken to the cleaners by these corporate bandits.

  5. Mr. Potter, congratulations, you are so full of courage. Im glad it took you so long to do it….now you know it all form all perspectives and from the top otherwise your stick would not have carried the weight…don’t feel bad about staying so long, I think the good Lord sent you the message when you needed to step out, you did.

    take care and all the blessings to your family

  6. Mr. Potter, thank you for coming forward. I am trying to get everyone I know to read your book and will use your talking points widely. I am also working to get ERISA laws reformed with maybe some limited success. I ran into this nightmare through a disability claim that I am still fighting. And my State Insurance Regulator is protecting the insurance company even though they have violated every criteria of a Multi State Settlement Agreement reached in 2004 to stop these overt abuses. But of course, I live in a domicile state that LTD insurer. It’s people like you that give me the courage to keep fighting.

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